Please observe our general terms and conditions of contract which can be viewed here for you to read and to save. This outlines the basis for a legal consultation. We would like to draw special attention to our limited liability (number 3 of the conditions).

In a given case, our fees are determined by the RVG, which is the Federal Code for Lawyer’s Fees, and which you may examine on our page "legal notices". Alternatively, our fees can be determined by way of special contract.
If you are interested in our services we will provide you with further information upon request.

Communication per email can be used not only for receiving inquires, but also for granting a mandate. Please note however, that e-mails are about as confidential as a post card. For this reason there is no guarantee of a reliable protection for transmitted information.
Terms of mandate

1. The mandate granted is decisive for determining the scope of the service to be carried out. Those instructed by this mandate are only obliged to file appeals and applications for any type of legal remedy, as long as they have been given specific instructions or have accepted the same.

2. The Principal is under an obligation to request confirmation of any information given verbally or over the telephone or where statements of considerable legal or economic significance were provided, otherwise the Principal is not entitled to claim that the information or statements given are binding.

3. The liability of those instructed by this mandate towards the Principal is limited in cases of ordinary negligence to € 10,000,000.- (Euro ten million) for any individual damages claim, if insurance cover for such claim exists. The above provisions also apply to third party claims for compensation arising out of the mandate relationship. The following shall be understood as individual damage claims: the sum of all damage claims asserted by all those entitled to assert a claim arising from one and the same action and the sum of claims asserted by the same rightful claimant with respect to various legally and/or economically related actions. Liability for damage caused intentionally or by gross negligence is unlimited.

4. The parties shall agree on the terms of remuneration for those instructed by this mandate. Without such agreement, the remuneration shall be determined according to the regulations provided by the respective Federal Fee Codes for lawyers and tax advisers (RVG, StBGebV). Attention is invited to the fact that the remuneration depends on the value of the mandate.
Those instructed by this mandate can request appropriate advances or retainers. Travel, telephone, fax, photocopying costs, costs for usage of external databases as well as all moneys disbursed and value added tax levied on all fees, remuneration and costs will be charged in addition.

5. The Principal's claims to all types of reimbursement and tax refunds are hereby assigned to those instructed by this mandate with the authorisation to inform the debtor of this assignment.

6. To the extent that no shorter limitation period is provided by law, claims against the persons instructed by this mandate are subject to a limitation period of three years after termination of the mandate. At the latest, this mandate shall terminate on the day that the final billing is mailed.

7. The duty of those instructed by this mandate to store and hand over files ends three years after termination of the mandate.

8. The legal relationship between the Principal and those instructed by this mandate is exclusively subject to German law. The place of performance and jurisdiction for all disputes arising out of and in connection with this mandate relationship is Munich (Germany).